The Wrap Side Table

July 20, 2015

I've just finished this side table. I found it at a neighborhood yard sale recently.


This little table also presented me with a BIG learning experience.  I avoid furniture pieces with laminate/partical board like the plague. I love solid wood. But  every once in a blue moon, as is the case with this little table, I'll buy a piece that isn't solid wood because it has a certain appeal that I can't walk away from.  The train wreck happened for me when I went straight for the chalk paint without priming it first. HUGE mistake. When the chalk paint dried, I noticed little blisters on the top of the table.The worst part is that it could have been avoided by priming first.  When I did some research, I found that other furniture painters have had their hearts crushed due to the same mistake. Here's the bottom line when working with partical board: always give it a coat or two of good primer before painting it and do not sand the surface prior to applying the primer as this can start to shred the partical board. That being said, I have seen some gorgeous and successfully painted pieces of laminated/partical board furniture. Stores like Ikea and Pottery Barn sell some nice designs but, just because they aren't solid wood, that doesn't mean you can't rescue them and do some nice makeovers. You just need to do the right steps from the beginning and these pieces can look like a million dollars. I'll be keeping this table and I will try again when the right piece calls my name.  At a Salvation Army in Roxborough, I found two rolls of coordinating wrapping paper. Working with paper on wood can be a little tricky but so rewarding when the project is finished.  


This is the side table and wrapping paper before the makeover:


 This is the makeover:






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