Upcycled window sash

July 22, 2015

 I am crazy for old window sashes. One of my best scores ever was found on Craigslist. I arranged with the seller to meet behind a dumpster in a very sketchy strip mall. Thankfully it was all legitimate and she opened her car to exchange her six window frames with my cash.


All of the window sashes are pretty similar in size but the thing I love about this one is the original peeling blue paint. I suppose I could have sanded the paint down to the wood but it seemed to be a perfect choice for the vintage 1850's Philadelphia sugar sack that I repurposed to cover the bulletin board sections.  


It's a labor of love to repurpose an old window sash. For this project, all nine original glass panes needed to be carefully removed and replaced with fabric wrapped foam core panels and chalk painted boards. To preserve the peeling paint, several coats of sealer were applied.  At the bottom, three large hooks were attached for hanging things like aprons, coats, bags, keys, dog leashes, etc.



This is a substantial piece of upcycled goodness. Measuring 34x41inches overall, it's an awesome addition to a mud room, entranceway or kitchen where you want to keep things well organized. Each panel measures 9 1/2x11 inches. Three panels are bulletin boards wrapped in vintage sugar sacks and the other six panels are chalkboards for all of those messages and lists you love to write! The back is finished with heavy duty brown paper and wired for hanging.


This piece is for sale for $150.00. Local pick up only (Philadelphia area ). If you are interested, please send me an email.



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