Upcycled Map Tables

August 10, 2015

Recently I painted and decoupaged two small map tables. I've always loved maps. Just the site of them transports me to an old VW Bus and miles and miles of open road adventures.  For the colors, I chose soft minty blue- greens and light yellow. I've been working with bright colors and wild patterns on other projects so much lately that the use of softer pastel colors was a nice distraction. Plus, the softer colors evoke the feeling of "vintage" for me. 


This table would be perfect for next to the bed. I love the big, deep drawer and the "cubby" area to stack favorite books so that the top can remain relatively free from clutter.

 This table is pretty versatile. It also boasts a nice bottom shelf with a fun harlequin pattern.


 Both tables are for sale. Send me an email for pricing.


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